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Handgun Safety


Whether you own a gun for sport, personal defense, or simply because you inherited it from grandpa, understanding the fundamentals of handgun safety are critical to protecting yourself and your loved ones.

This class can be taken by someone who simply wants to understand how to handle a gun safely or by someone who is considering purchasing one and wants to familiarize themselves with safe usage and ownership. This non-shooting class offers a comprehensive and unvarnished look at what guns can and cannot do and what must be considered if an individual plans to own or carry one.

This class can be presented in conjunction with the Florida Concealed Carry for Businesses class or as a standalone class. This class can also be utilized as a court-ordered firearms safety course.


To keep people safe in the event they choose to own a firearm – and to protect those who do not own firearms from someone carelessly handling one.

This course is designed as a benefit businesses can offer their employees in order to keep them safe even when they are not at work.


Course can be presented on-site to a business or organization; or it can be offered as an open enrollment course.


Class time ranges from 2-3 hours depending on questions and level of discussion.


If we are holding the class on-site, we need at least 10 participants. Otherwise, we can discuss enrolling employees into an open enrollment session when one is available.


Please contact Tara Dixon Engel at 407-897-4409 or by email at Tengel@floridasafety.org for specific details.