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DPASDPAS, introduced in 1986, was the first product of its type and remains today the preeminent methodology of evaluating driver knowledge, perception, and behavior to accurately project an individual’s crash-involvement probability.

DPAS is the perfect tool to:


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  • Identify high risk drivers
  • Reduce crashes
  • Improve rating process
  • Reduce claims
  • Reduce liability
  • Enhance profitability
  • Enhance hiring procedures
  • Reward low risk drivers
  • Instill professionalism

(40 Minute for each driver) Call to have your company setup.


The System’s credibility has been continuously validated by respected academic and governmental entities, and has been administered to more than 100,000 commercial and passenger vehicle drivers across the U.S. and abroad. Additionally, DPAS is the only Florida state approved assessment instrument to temporarily certify Driving Instructors in advance of completing the required formal education. DPAS is a four module online platform that evaluates driver skills within the following critical dimensions of driving: Traffic knowledge Perceptual skills Traffic risk Traffic procedures The System consists of 100 video driving scenes. The tested driver will either agree or disagree with a statement regarding each scene within 5 seconds. Upon completion, scores are instantly produced in each of the four modules, as well as an overall score.