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Basic Rigging & Signal Qualifications

  • Interactive 8 hour course with PowerPoint presentations, discussions, and demonstrations
  • Course will cover details on wire ropes, slings, hardware, and procedures
  • Includes a student manual for future reference
  • Covers requirements set forth in OSHA 29CFR1926.1400


This course will cover the safe usage of wire rope, rigging hardware and chain & lever hoists as well as Pre-use inspection of wire ropes, slings, rigging hardware and chain & lever hoists.

It also covers rigging practices & procedures, knots used in rigging, hoisting personnel, hand & voice signals, and the basics of crane operation and limitations.

The goal of Basic Rigging and Signal Qualifications course is to ensure through proper training that each participant meets the OSHA definition of a qualified rigger.

This Basic Rigging and Signal Qualifications Safety Training course gives workers the knowledge needed to rig safely on the job site. Class discussions, Power point presentations and demonstrations as well as student manuals will give workers the needed information to understand what stresses are placed on rigging and the load during hoisting operations. A written quiz and practical demonstration at the end of the class will assess each student’s ability to solve rigging related issues. This course covers the requirements set forth in 29CFR1926.1400.

Course Format:
The course is conducting in person utilizing a student workbook, PowerPoint presentations, and class discussions.

Course Availability:
This course is offered with demand dictating the frequency.