Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Program (COSS)

The heart of the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS) Program is the solid foundation built on learning to read and apply the OSHA safety and training requirements in 29 CFR 1910 and 1926.

The Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS) Program is designed for those in the safety and health field that coordinate the successful implementation of corporate safety and health plans; coordinate and maybe even conduct safety and health training; and/or provide support to safety and training managers.

 Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Program

COSS graduates will be able to:

Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Graduation Class

Upon successful completion of the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Program course, participants receive COSS certification and four continuing education credits that can go toward establishing or maintaining other certifications.

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COSS Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

This 5-day Certified Occupational Safety Specialist, or COSS course is designed to build core competencies in the field of safety for adult learners. It examines safety theory and the application of these principles to safety related knowledge, skills, and competenices.

Homework: Homework is an integral and important part of the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist course. Readings and exercises are assigned after each class session.

Quizzes: Daily quizzes will be given each morning that apply to assignments from the night before.

Strategizing: Students will develop strategies for achieving safety related goals in business environments. They will also be introduced to key internet links via the COSS Links Disk and will learn how to access and utilize these resources.

Hands on Projects: Additionally, students will complete a project that will be delivered and presented on the final day of class.

Speakers: Expert speakers will give talks to their field.

What are the course requirements?

The Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Program Adult Teaching / Learning Model specifies that students achieve certain specified learning outcomes. All performance assessment depends upon the accomplishment of these outcomes. Students are graded on achievement of the objectives of the course, rather than effort. It is the responsibility of the student to come to class prepared for each workshop.

Each student is required to maintain high standards of honesty and ethical behavior. All assignments submitted in fulfillment of course requirements must be the student's own work. It is assumed that students will perform professionally in preparing work required for this class.

What are the attendance requirements?

Attendance at each workshop is expected and required due to the concentrated nature of the work requirements for this course. There will be several class activities; therefore, attendance at all five workshops is imperitive. Class participation is required to successfully complete the class and grading is based in part on this element. Breaks will be provided for students to follow-up on messages if that is necessary. Leaving class while a session is taking place is discouraged. If the student misses a workshop, they will be dropped from the course. The instructor must be informed prior to the workshop of tardiness for any workshop.

What is the size of the class?

Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Program Classes are limited in seating to between 10 and 20 students. This allows the opportunity for students at all levels of safety knowledge to learn from the instructors as well as the other class members.

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